Are you looking for a good hosting provider for you website? Many people ask me if hosting is important for search engine optimization, so I though I would address this issue with this post.

For the sake of this study, we will talk about SEO in Australia

The brief answer I give to most people is ‘Yes, and no’. Here are the main points:

1. Speed
A slow host will give your website a slow speed. Google doesn’t like slow websites as it decreases the satisfaction of users. Google considers user experience as extremely important. There are many cheap or free hosting services around, but the speed is horrible, and there is usually a lot of down time. Having a fast and reliable hosting provider is really important.

2. Neighbors
Most websites use shared hosting if you go to the Hostgator website, you will see they have ‘shared’ hosting plans. This means that hundreds or even thousands of websites could be hosted on the same IP. This is fine usually, unless the other websites hosted on that same IP are bad. If so, your website will be in a bad neighborhood which Google won’t trust. Some IPs are even blacklisted. If you want to avoid the problem altogether, you can get a dedicated IP for about $5 a year. Some hosting packages include a dedicated IP, so that is something you can look out for.

3. SEO Hosting
If you are not a professional SEO company, you won’t need SEO hosting. This is for companies that want different IPs in the same hosting account that they can use for their network of websites. But now, this type of hosting is very high risk as Google is learning how to unravel the networks. So, stay away from SEO hosting!

4. Optimization Functions
If you are looking to buy hosting, go with one that has cPanel as it will make life easier. You can create email address, install Web 2.0 sites, configure addon domains and subdomains. Some of the better hosting companies also have a function call ‘Optimize images’ or something similar. This will compress all the images on your site to make it run faster. A faster website performs better.

If you have a website you care about, invest in good hosting. I pay about $20 a month for a good hosting account. If you don’t care too much, just go for $5 or even $1 hosting. There is rarely much difference between the two. But if you think you’ll need some help, fixing problems, go with a hosting company that has good live support 24/7. Nothing worse that losing everything and not knowing how to get it back!

I hope this helps you in choosing hosting for search engine optimization!

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